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Welcome to Rozzy Jenori

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TM Rozzy Jenori offers a wide range of sanitary products: brass faucets, shower systems for watering cans, hoses funnels, shower kits.Rozzy Jenori™

Production of this brand differs a good balance of price and quality.

Goods certified. All faucets TM Rozzy Jenori meet European standards, as confirmed by certificates and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

Manufacturer warrants to the mixer - 5 years (case and cover), the cartridges, etc. - 1 year.

To produce faucets TM Rozzy Jenori used brass (copper content of not less than 56-57%). To produce funnels, racks and shower bathroom accessories used brass, ABS- plastic, stainless steel, zinc and other metal alloys. Cartridges and Kranbuksa the mixer TM Rozzy Jenori made of ceramic and can withstand up to 30 000 working cycles (open/closed).


Supplier completes mixing cartridge with a grid, which acts as a noise control and protection against water hammer.

cartridge with integrated coarse filter

Good value for money of TM Rozzy Jenori making it an affordable option for repair issues.

TM Rozzy Jenori is very attractive for a wide range of customers - hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments and more.

rozzyjenori sanitary devices